Northeast Florida Top Three Seaside Charms

Northeast Florida Top Three Seaside Charms

Florida is a place where a variety of beautiful landscapes can be found. Along the northeastern part of Florida there are three places you can see the sky meet the earth on the horizon with a beautiful sunshine and ever glowing sunset. Whether youre swimming, building sandcastles or sails, youll find these places that contribute to romantic dating, family vacation or business-related transactions. The three coastlines you will be able to experience in northeastern Florida are the following;

Amelia Island. Between Intracoastal Waterways tidal masses and the Atlantics sweet beaches is an island secluded, not far enough, offering first-rate restaurants, well-maintained golf courses, beautiful beaches and great places to live. Amelia Island has been the perfect getaway for every tourist looking for a place to succeed for lovers who want some privacy while enjoying love every day for families who want to live a life of peace for days and for people who simply want to experience the beauty of nature and witness every moment in silence.

Climate - Amelia Island is cooler when summer is in the north. That is why holidaymakers want to visit the place during the dry and hot season. Cold wind and humid air from the ocean are what you can get from Florida because its tropical.

Transportation - As Airport, Amelia is reached by plane. You may also want to sail and sail by boat or any boat because you can find lots of good marina and docks on the island or you can rent a car and drive your way around the island.

Accommodation - The 4-star luxury hotel Ritz Carlton accommodates your needs for first-rate accommodation. But if youre tight on your budget, check out cheaper hotels that also offer first-rate amenities and accommodation to make you enjoy your stay.

Jacksonville. It is the place where St Johns River meets the Atlantic. Although Jacksonville has grown considerably for decades, it still has some of its past preserved. The modern look of the place is matched by its natural beauty and clean environment. Jacksonville city center is next to the river St. Johns, which gives people easy access to the city through the water. The 21 km long beach offers every tourist the opportunity to experience the best of the place from food to scenic beauties.

Climate - The site has a tropical climate that makes it moist most times. January is Jacksonville coldest month which can reach down to 41.9 degrees Fahrenheit while July is the hottest at 90.8 degrees Fahrenheit.

Transportation - Jacksonville can be reached by plane; It has an international airport to meet your flight needs. It can also be reached by car as it has beautiful and well maintained roads in and out of the city.

Accommodation - Youll never find a problem looking for a place to stay in Jacksonville because there are first class and cheaper hotels around plus vacation rentals and apartments that can always be found anywhere in the city.

St. Augustine. It is the countrys oldest city ever preserved. It has been founded five centuries ago and is still one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in the United States. Depending on your budget, you can choose what you want to do in St. Augustine. You can wander around the city and enjoy some great attractions, you can shop or you can enjoy taking a break in one of the most famous restaurants. Native wildlife overflows it and you can watch and observe them carefully.

Climate - if there is a thing like St. Augustine can boast, its certainly the climate. It has a mild and humid temperature all year round with occasional rainfall. The location is just a perfect Florida getaway at any time of the year.

Transportation - You can be in St. Augustine with water, land and air. You can either choose to travel through the water and enjoy sea views or land and watch the panoramic views along the way.

Accommodation - as it is one of the historical and famous places in the world, you can expect to find 5 star hotels in the heart of the city. For travelers and tourists who are low on budget, low cost hotels can also be found on site to offer good accommodation and first-rate amenities. When it comes to accommodation, you do not have to worry about it so much, especially when youre on the spot.

Floridas northeastern part is not only blessed with first-class beaches, spectacular views but also with clear air and water and hospitable people. Whether you want to spend your vacation in Jacksonville, Amelia Island or St Augustine, you can make sure to have a pleasant stay and enjoyable experience. At any time of the year, these places are open to tourists and holidaymakers. So next time you want quality time, Northeast Florida can be your best choice.

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